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About our Italian Charms

What are Italian Charm bracelets?

Italian Charm bracelets are modular bracelets that are meant to have new charms added to them to expand their length, or blank links taken off to shorten their length. By saving the blank links removed, eventually there will be enough links for multiple bracelets. These bracelets should fit comfortably without pinching.

How do I attach the charms to my base bracelet?

To add charms to a bracelet, please use the following instructions:

First, take the bracelet and stretch it, this should show you how each of the links in the bracelet attaches to the ones next to it by hooking around a small piece of metal on one end.

To attach new charms, unhook the bracelet where you would like to add a new link. (You might use a tapestry needle or ballpoint pen to help push the link out so that you can undo the hook)

Once the bracelet is open, hook the link around the thin metal piece of the charm you wish to add.

Once you have added the charm (or charms) reseal the bracelet by hooking the new charm (A) to the thin metal piece (B) of the other end of the bracelet.

If your bracelet is still too small to fit comfortably, please contact us for additional blank links (free of charge to those who received their base bracelet from us).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

How big are your charms? Are they compatible with the Italian Charm bracelet I already own?

Our charms and bracelets are fully compatible with all major brands of Italian Charms and bracelets. All of our charms and bracelets are the standard 9mm size (just under 3/8" wide).

How many links do I need?

Most people are comfortable wearing a bracelet with 19 links (approximately 7 1/4" long).

Number of LinksApprox. Length
17 links6 1/2"
19 links7 1/4"
21 links8"

When do new charms come out? What's the next charm going to be?

New charms are released 4 times per year. (January, April, July, & October) Each new charm will be posted on the website at least two weeks before it's release - so come back and check it out!

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